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Its cultivation uses 90% less water than cotton.

It needs no pesticides or fertilisers.

1 hectare of hemp produces more than twice as much fiber as 1 hectare of cotton and captures on average 1.3 tons of CO2.

Its cultivation improves the biodiversity of the environment.

Its growth cycle is around 100 days, which makes it ideal for rotational crops.

It regenerates the subsoil where it is grown, returning 60% of the nutrients.

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hemp fabrics

Sostenible: La fibra natural más sostenible para fabricar textiles.

Bactericida y Fungicida: Diversos estudios abalan sus propiedades bactercidas y fungicidas.

Termogénico y transpirable: Abriga en invierno y transpira en verano.

Protección UV: Protege hasta un 95% de los rayos UV.

Resistente: Es considerada la fibra natural más resistente del mundo.

Biodegradable: Su tejido se biodegrada en sólo 4 años, a diferencia de los plásticos que tardan entre 100 y 1000 años.

Duradera: Hasta 3 veces más que una prenda de algodón.

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"Hemp is the most useful plant on earth"

Hemp and Love was born from the need to recover hemp and its cultivation, that's why we create hemp products of the highest quality, always in an ethical, conscious and sustainable way.

H&L is a reflection of our personal values. We want to transform the textile industry to make it greener; and together with hemp we are going to achieve it.

We want to support and encourage everything from the cultivation of industrial hemp to the manufacture of fabrics, in order to promote a new textile industry based on sustainability, innovation and quality.

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