¿Por qué comprar camisetas de cáñamo al por mayor?

Why buy hemp t-shirts wholesale?

Looking for hemp t-shirts wholesale?

If you are looking for fabric or garments for your company, making it with tissue or wholesale hemp t-shirts is a good option.

From HEMP & LOVE we have the goal of recovering, revaluating and reinventing the use of hemp. We support from cultivation to the manufacture of tissues, with the purpose of promoting a new textile industry.

We sell wholesale hemp t-shirts, distribute hemp garments and hemp fabric. If you need fabric, garments or shirts wholesale we can help you bring a different touch in the quality, texture and sensitivity of garments and fabrics.
The tissue from hemp has multiple benefits (knows more here). Its fiber is naturally sustainable, it is naturally fungicida and antibacterial, facilitates self-regulation of body temperature and blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun, offering 95% protection. Hemp tissues are compostable and biodegradable, decomposing themselves in just 4 years, unlike the plastic that does it between 100 and 1,000 years.
Its fibers also contribute a lot of strength and durability for adverse effects thanks to its antimicrobial properties. And, being a porous fiber, hemp tissue favors perspiration and ventilation.
Hemp is the ecological and sustainable alternative we need to end the FAST FASHION., the largest production system in the fashion industry.
Wholesale Hemp Hemp T-Shirts Clothinf for Company
The textile industry is one of the sectors that use more energy, natural resources and chemical products, generating a very important environmental contamination.
With the current production system, a massive exploitation of resources is generated without taking into account the social or environmental impact. This causes a large labor exploitation and a large-scale global pollution due to the materials and products used for the manufacture and preparation of the garments. In addition, low quality materials and little durability are used.
Summage to sustainability supporting small businesses and projects that struggle to take care of the environment and have a greater planet. Get it with hemp fabric, hemp garments or wholesale hemp t-shirts to publicize the benefits given by the tissue of this wonderful plant so sustainable and good for the planet.

Use tissue or Hemp clothes It contributes many benefits for both our health and the environment. No chemical products are used, their production does not harm the environment and tissues and garments naturally biodegrade over time.

Dress your company with garments or Hemp t-shirts and put your logo or particular message on them. Help us continue with our purpose to have a better future, a cleaner and conscious future with the environment.
Join the hemp revolution and make the tissue and hemp garments an essential on your day to day!
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