Historia del cáñamo en la indústria de la moda (II) - hemp and love

History of Cannabis in the Indústria of Fashion (II)

Of the industrial revolution to the present

The Industrial Revolution fired the productivity of the workshops of all kinds, while allowing the progressive mechanization of agricultural tasks. The plants that were used to obtain resistant and flexible tissues were not an exception and the number of plantations multiplied along the s. XIX. In Spain, the curious situation that a dictator, Rivera cousin will be lived, shielded the production of these plants in certain areas of the country.

Paradoxically, hemp began to be criticized and serious accusations in the interwar period (1918-1939) and mid-s. XX. Some countries approved harsh restrictions (United States, Mexico ...) and their days seemed counted. Finally, in 1958 the cultivation of hemp was completely banned in the United States, relating it with narcotics; Shortly after the prohibition was extended to many countries in Europe. Only in Spain and France remained the cultivation of hemp during SIGO XX for the use of textil fibers and paper paste. Thanks to the impulse that he received by prestigious laboratories and academic centers, who put in value the possibilities of these plants for fashion and other areas of consumption. Since the 1980s, the topics that associated the cultivation of these products with drug dependence have been losing intensity as it was found how this substance had very beneficial effects on the health of people and the environment.

Much more than a fashion

Due to the adverse legislative context, which has had to face the hemp plant in the last 60 years, it has not been easy to promote research on its cultivation and specific mechanization is non-existent. These Echos have slowed down and continue to slow down growth as an integrated crop in rotations. And although a good part of the prohibitions that were approved in the s. XX have been partially or totally raised, there is still a long way forward until they consolidate the tissues from the cannabis plant. The story continues ...
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