Love for hemp

For thousands of years, hemp has accompanied humanity. It was a miraculous plant, the first used for the preparation of textiles, clothing and other applications. Possibly the first industrialized crop by man.

A forgotten plant

Within the textile sector, the appearance of cotton and synthetic fibers, made hemp clothing losing protagonism and did not return to be relevant again ... until now.

New Hemp Clothing.

Since we launched our first collection of hemp clothes, we wanted to take this wonderful plant to your home, creating products from the maximum quality and with all the values ​​we share.

We start at the beginning

Now, we wanted to launch our Basic collection. With the idea of ​​starting to introduce hemp in our cabinets, returning its deserved relevance.

Best tissues. Best products. Same essence.

Made with hemp & love

All our time and efforts have focused on improving the products of the first collection and we started by the star product, the hemp's shirt. Best fabric, better cut, better threads, better finishes; Best T-Shirt.