To recover, revalue and reinvent the use of industrial hemp as a key strategic element for a greener future.


We believe in sustainability. We believe it is possible to make amazing products in an ethical and conscious way. We believe in innovation. We believe in hemp!


"Hemp is the most useful plant on earth"

Hemp and Love was born from the need to recover hemp and its cultivation and application. This is why we create hemp products of the highest quality in a sustainable way.

H&L is a reflection of our personal values. This means we want to do good for humanity and the next generations. We want to transform the textile industry to be greener; and together with hemp we are going to get there.

We support and promote the hemp industry from the cultivation to the manufacturing of fabrics and clothing, to refresh the textile industry based on natural materials, sustainability, innovation and quality.


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Born in Valencia 1963. Autodidactic, entrepreneurial, creative and ecologist. Lover of our planet and 35 years of experience in the art of fashion. Passionate about hemp since 1995 and studying its characteristics, properties and applications.

"Today my conscience can only be in accordance with materials that contribute and not subtract from our world".


Gemini born in 1991 in Barcelona and graduated in Business Administration and Management. Entrepreneur by nature, sports lover and very active in social causes.

"When I discovered the exciting world of hemp I fell in love at first sight. To be able to merge hemp and its benefits with an ethical and conscious company that generates a positive impact, is a dream come true. That's why I feel that Hemp and Love is more than a business. "

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Born in Barcelona in 1990, graduated in Industrial Engineering, passionate about photography and entrepreneur by vocation.

"After the creation of several businesses, I realized that it made more sense to undertake from the heart, with projects with soul and purpose, rather than contemplate only personal interests. Projects that are focused on a greater common good, where all parts are seen as a whole."


Eco-entrepreneur, born in 1979 in Madrid, geologist by profession, fell in love with hemp after his experience in organic horticulture. Trained as an environmental consultant and founder of a local organic supermarket. He is currently leading one of the largest industrial hemp cultivation projects in Spain. 

"Hemp is the most versatile plant on earth."

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