It all started in 2017, any Sunday, talking about possibilities and investigating online. Suddenly we gave with something "new", hemp. Have you seen everything that can be done with this plant? How is it that nobody had told us about this? We called the Spanish Association of Industrial Hemp Farmers and there everything began, a new world opened before us. One thing was clear:

"Hemp is the most versatile plant on earth."

And this is how Hemp & Love was born, the need to recover the hemp and cultivation, that is why we create high quality hemp products, always ethically, consciously and sustainable.

H & L is a reflection of our personal values. We want to transform the textile industry to make it greater; And next to hemp we are going to get it.

  • Arnau


    "When I discovered the exciting world of hemp I fell in love at first sight, I feel hemp & love is more than a company."

  • Joan-Marc.


    "Locked to undertake from the heart, with projects with soul and purpose, that go focused on a major common good."

  • Àngels

    Textile Expert.

    "Today, my consciousness can only go according to materials that contribute and do not look like our world."

  • Esau

    Hemp Expert

    "Hemp is the most versatile plant on earth."

  • Egbert.

    R & D.

    "You have to learn from the past, from the industrialization, from the cotton and the plastic era. Look as it was in those times and innovate over those principles ..."

  • Albert.

    Project Manager

    "An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others see only problems"

  • Maria


    "Lover of challenges and fascinated by discovering everything that hemp has to offer."

  • Kike.

    You go out

    "Hemp is the new cotton"