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Organic hemp knit tissue / recycled PET - 290 GSM

Organic hemp knit tissue / recycled PET - 290 GSM

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Semi-bleached knit fabric made with 55% organic hemp and 45% recycled PET. With a density of 290 gr / m2 and a terry finish it makes it an ideal fabric for the elaboration of spring / summer, skirts or other accessories.


Hemp tissues have a differential texture and are very interesting thanks to their different properties (for more information do click here). The recycled PET gives it stability and rigidity, offering a jaspeed finish when dyed.

Materials and clothing:

Organic industrial hemp comes from northern China, recycled PET has also been spun there. The tissue has been made with a Chinese company certified with GOTS, OCS and complying with all European measures and regulations.

Technical data:

Guy: Knitting with Terry finish.

Composition: 55% / 45% - organic hemp and recycled PET.

Density: 290 grams / m2.

Width: 1.50 meters.

Shrinkage: +/- 10%.

Product code: F-0154.

* Prices vary depending on the number of meters, 1-5, 5-100, +100. For queries or prices wholesale click here.

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