Hemp Harvesting

Why we use hemp?

No need for pesticides and herbicides. Soil improvements. Low water consumption with a fast growing. It's good for a rotation harvesting. High CO2 sequestering.
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Hemp Fabrics

Best natural fiber?

Anti-bacterial & anti fungical properties. UV protection. The strongest natural fiber known. Breathable and naturally resistant to mold, mildew and rot.
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Slow Hemp Fashion

Focusing on demand production, made locally in an ethical way with durable and recycled materials.


A second chance

You have key role here, by returning your old clothes you'll get a discount on a new hemp article.


Closing the loop

The items that are not wearable will be repaired or recycled to make new yarn.

Re-harvesting hemp

Giving back to earth

Hemp and Love plants 2 m2 of industrial hemp for every item sold, this means around 2.6kg of CO2 captured.